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Remove the login CAPTCHA

Lately, every time I log into Scoutbook, I have to go through several captcha screens where I have to identify crosswalks, traffic lights, whatever. Sometimes it’s only a handful, other times its 4 or 5 pages worth. I don’t know if they’re doing this to make money (i.e, AI training) or if it’s over-aggressive security, but it’s really annoying and it never happened before. There needs to be some way to identify my IP or something so I don’t have to do this every time.

Once the silent Recaptcha test is failed, the system swtiches to a version where you check the I’m Not a Robot box, from that point forward, the system is out of the BSA’s hands. Google controls what happens with the Recaptcha.

If you are clearing cookies or using an incognito window, you will get the Recaptcha every time. I have found that once I setup my BSA accounts to use my Apple ID that I no longer get the Recaptcha.

The BSA has no plans to eliminate the Recaptcha.

What’s the “silent Recaptcha test” - is it just deciding that I’m a hacker for some reason? I’m using Brave browser, so maybe that’s why it’s not liking me. I don’t clear cookies or use incognito but I do have it autofill my userid/password. Maybe I’ll try using Chrome.

I don’t have an AppleId and frankly, I’ve had so much trouble with linking it to my BSA login that I’m afraid to change anything that links me to the system at this point.

There is a mode of Recaptcha that works without any input from the user. If this mode passes with a specified threshold, Scoutbook will not call the mode that requires input. If the it returns a value below the threshold, then the mode that pops up the I’m Not a Robot checkbox is called. Whether you get pictures to confirm or not and what form they take is all up to Google’s Recaptcha system.

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