Please LOSE Recaptcha

I am SO OVER having to click traffic lights, bicycles, cars, boats… every… single… time! I’ve clicked “Remember me” but it doesn’t matter, I always have to click on some set of images two or three times. It’s the most maddening thing ever. Please delete this.


@AprilDriggers - yours is an issue I rarely have. I suspect you are on an apple device ? And BSA IT has noted no intention of removing the user validation.

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I for one don’t experience this at the frequency you’ve noted. I’ve been using Scoutbook for six years and don’t think its been a handful of times I’ve done the photo click.

Perhaps there’s a unique set of circumstance that causes this for you and hopefully the community has a solution.

If you setup your BSA tools to use Apple ID or Google ID, you will have to go through Recaptcha. To use Apple ID or Google ID to log in, log in to with your BSA ID and Password. Click the down arrow in the upper right corner and select My Account. Scroll down and select the ID type you wish to use, enter your credentials and click SAVE. From that point on, you will use the Apple ID or Google ID button to log in.

If you are using an incognito or private window to access Scoutbook, you will get Recaptcha more often because some the data needed by Recaptcha is cleared each time you start a new window. The decision as to if Recaptcha is shown or not is made by the Recaptcha system. It utilizes cookies to determine help determine if you are a person or bot before asking you to complete the Recaptcha. Make sure you are allowing cookies to help reduce the number of times you get a Recaptcha request when logging in.

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