Change a profile picture

I’m also having this same error when I tried to update my Scout’s picture. Does anyone know what the resolution is or if it’s something that needs to be fixed on the Scout server itself?

@HollisRutledge It is a bug that needs to be fixed.

I’ve recently been able to update my sons’ profile pictures in Internet Advancement. However, the profile picture does not appear to sync w/ Scoutbook.

Hi this still doesnt seem to work…:upside_down_face:

When a bug is fix, it will be reported in the change log. Some take a long time to fix. It seems they prioritize very impactful bugs or easy to fix ones. Since this is a “nice to have”, it may take longer.

In all honesty, if the bio and photo options were removed i would not be adversely effected

It is handy for those of us who are not good with names.

@Matt.Johnson - you do have a point there Phil :slight_smile:

It also makes it a lot easier to take attendance in ScoutBook if the photo is correct, since the photo is much larger than the name. :frowning:

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UPDATE: It appears that photos can now be changed in Internet Advancement (but there is no sync to Scoutbook yet). However, when I change my photo and attempt to save it, I get his error message: Posting a picture is not allowed, there is a picture already. Use PUT method instead." Then the photo that I attempted goes away. I have closed the browser and tried but each time I get this error message even though there is no picture in the spot. Does anyone else get this error?


Thank you. I have passed this on to the developers.