Changing a BSA # in youth profile

Hello my son has a new BSA ID since transferring to a new Council. How do I put his new number in his profile? Or is that something his new Troop will do?

as long as the applications were the same it should change itself - what are the 2 BSA #s?

@RonnettTaylor It looks like your son created a my.scouting account, and that created the new BSA member number.

I would recommend that your Scout log in to his my.scouting account and update his name and address so that it matches his BSA youth application with the new troop. Also, update his Edit Profile page in Scoutbook so that everything matches.

If everything matches up (full name, DOB, state, zip code, etc.) between his my.scouting account and Scoutbook, then Scoutbook should just replace his BSA member number with the new BSA member number in the new council.

@JenniferOlinger We did create one in hopes that would solve the problem but nothing can be changed. All of our info is the same. His old # is 131226841 his new # is 137250085. We only moved councils.

@DonovanMcNeil his old # is 131226841 and his new # is 137250095.

@RonnettTaylor I sent you a private message.

Hello that new number is what we received in the welcome to Scouting message it was at the top right. The application was submitted in the council and I actually don’t know if they put in a brand new app or a transfer app. They should have had a transfer app but I’m not sure. We have only used one account since scout book was started in the Pack and it’s seven years worth of stuff. So I’m trying not to panic thinking I’m going to lose all that information.

The Scoutbook information is still there.

Under BSA member number 131226841, the Scout has expired registrations with Garden State Council.

Under BSA member number 137250095, there are no registrations, and the council number is incorrect (Michigan Crossroads Council is 781 - not 780).

What we can do for now is change the BSA member number on his my.scouting account so that it logs in to the correct Scoutbook userID.


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