Transfer from out of Council - challenges for both adult and scout

My son (XXXXXXXXXX - XXXXXXXXXX) formerly of Pack 1533, Fairfax, Virginia) and myself (Jonathan Allen - XXXXXXXXXX) recently moved from Virginia to Vermont. We are now trying transfer from the old Pack into the new Troop 0611 Boys, South Burlington, Vermont. The system is not allowing it. Also learned that the system has two member IDs for me, but we need to keep everything under XXXXXXXXXX as it has all my training. How do we make the transfer move. MyScouting is being problematic.


Jon Allen

@JonAllen72 When you move from one council to another, you typically get a new BSA member number, because each council has its own block of BSA member numbers.

When you add the new BSA member number at my.scouting using Manage Member ID, the training will merge to the new number.

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@JonAllen72 I will send you a private message.

I need help with this issue as well. I am the Cubmaster for Pack 31 in Tidewater Council. We have a military family who moved in the fall of 2021 from Greater LA Council to Pack 31 in Tidewater Council. For a period of time, I could see them (the Scout who is a Tiger and his mom, the assistant Tiger Den Leader) in Scoutbook but was unable to update any requirements because their transfer hadn’t been approved by Tidewater Council. After Recharter, they dropped completely from Scoutbook despite the fact that both the Scout and mom are on our recharter paperwork. I have reached out to both Tidewater Council and to Greater LA Council and this has not been resolved. Please help!

@angelaBatastini Please post the scout’s and the mother’s BSA member numbers (no names) and we can look into it.

Thank you! #14032282 and #13687124 are their Greater LA ID numbers.

@angelaBatastini I cannot find a registration for that scout’s name in your council. Does he appear in your my.scouting roster?

Jennifer - thanks for the insights. Trying to find the private message back on the question I had about XXXXXXXXXX (my son) and my transfer from NCAC to Green Mountain. Understand the duplications. Any insights on how to fix it as the Green Mountain Council is struggling to fix.

The way I try to explain this (I have a lot of military families in my units) is this: BSA/National allows Councils to issue "BSA ID"s the same way that states issue driver’s license numbers.

So, if I live in Virginia, my Virginia driver’s license is T123-45-67

If I move to California, California issues me a brand new driver’s license with # RR-893-33-43

Unfortunately the fact that is it called a “BSA ID” leads people to believe it operates as the SAME number nationally and even globally.

The result is in some instances I have folks with 3+ numbers from as many councils and I/we spend an inordinate amount of time trying to stitch together their prior numbers, their prior councils, etc.

Yes, these should be listed as BSA Council Member ID Numbers

@JonAllen72 You should be able to find the private message by clicking on your circle “J” avatar in the upper right of the forums.

Then click on the messages icon (looks like an envelope).

Yes, he is on our recharter paperwork; however, you can see from the attached screenshot that he didn’t get a new Tidewater Council BSA ID number upon transfer.


If you count the number of youth listed and compare that to the counts shown for paid youth, I’d bet it’s one short.

I’d still ask that you check your my.scouting roster.

Correct, he is NOT on the roster; however, he WAS on our recharter paperwork so I don’t understand why his transfer didn’t come through with recharter? We did have a discrepancy with the recharter paperwork that was cleared up (we thought). I’m happy to share the recharter roster via email that we received from council that shows accouting for our total number of Scouts.

I’ll send you a private message. Watch for the notification on the A in the upper right.

My husband had the exact same problem. We moved but within Connecticut and ended up in a different council. My husband had to print out all of his certificates under the old ID number in myscouting and give them to the council we are in currently. Work with your new council on this. You will need to set the default to your new ID number.

Until recently the registrar for any Council could combine / link ID numbers. Unfortunately - BSA, broke this ability with programming changes that were make recently. Supposedly, they are working to fix this (no time table given). Until this is fixed - a case must be opened with National to combine / link the ID numbers.

How does one go about “raising a case with National?” We have two Scouts whose advancement records did not port over in Scoutbook. Both are transfer - with a couple of year gap - from another Council. One is on tight timeline for Eagle.

You can’t, but your council can. Start by posting their BSA ID’s and volunteers with elevated access can check it out. If they can’t get to the bottom it, your council can open a ticket, but that is rarely needed.

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@JohnRoberts9 Post their member numbers (no names). We can usually merge them.

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