Multiple BSA Numbers for Scout Transfers

We had 2 scouts recently transfer to our pack from another state. When we submitted their applications to our local service center, we indicated that they were transfers and already had existing BSA numbers. However, our service center created new IDs for them with the following information:

“The old BSA numbers are linked to their accounts in Georgia. Unfortunately, we are not able to look into those accounts because they are out of council and we cannot look at council-to-council accounts. Those old accounts are from GA and we cannot access them. The other unit would have to transfer the scouts information through Scout Book, because the other unit has to release them. They will have different BSA numbers because they are transferring out of council and the new account numbers will now be linked to our council.
So please advise the scouts that the out of state council needs to transfer all info to the new accounts.”

I can actually see both accounts in Scoutbook, I just need them to be merged. Is that something I can get help with?

@LaurieReynolds if you post both sets of BSA#s we can take a look at them

Scout 1:
Existing BSA #: 136386709
New BSA #: 137327145

Scout 2:
Existing BSA #: 136386724
New BSA #: 137327119

Thank you!

Well the first one has different DOB - that is why it did not match up

@LaurieReynolds but both are fixed now

Thank you so much - I greatly appreciate how helpful and quick you always are!

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