Need to merge my sons scoutbook accounts

When we moved our son was apparently given a new BSA #, not sure how that happened but regardless he now has 2 accounts on SB.

Original BSA # 133603743
Current BSA # 137173698

I also have his original and current User ID#’s for SB if that helps with merging them.

If you could help merge those accounts that would be amazing!
Thank you

When you change Councils a new BSA Member ID is generated. I’m looking into merging his Scoutbook accounts now.

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I just realized that all his advancements from Transatlantic Counsel, our last Pack have disappeared! So we have no record of him completing Lions Through Bears! Where could have have gone?

Thank you, does this happen every time you change councils? We are military so we can move frequently. I was not aware the BSA number would not travel with you! That would explain why my husband now has 3 BSA numbers!

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The reason the system did not automatically move his Scoutbook account to the new Council is one has his DOB wrong. Both are the same date but different years. The system relies on name and DOB matches to determine if someone is the same person.

I’ll merge the Scoutbook accounts. Please verify with your Council that his DOB is correct. If it is, contact Trans Atlantic Council to have his DOB updated.

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Thank you! I will check the DOB on both accounts right away and figure out who had is inputted incorrectly!

Yes, each Council has unique BSA Member IDs and one Council cannot see another Council’s members.

I sent you a private message. Click on the green circle with white S in the upper right of your forum window.

SkieBretana confirmed this is now fixed.