Changing COR Email Address

I need to change the email address for our COR. He is in our roster but has an incorrect email address, subsequently when I invite him to connect it doesn’t get to him. Can an Admin help me accomplish this?

His BSA# is: 14165519 and his SB User ID is:12369688

The COR should be able to log in to Scoutbook, IA2, or my.scouting with their my.scouting username/password combination that they used to take YPT. Is that not working for them?

That individual has the same email address in all the systems including as his Google login. He needs to click the signin with Google button.

The gmail account is an accout that never gets checked. Regardless of how he logs in, probably very rarely as he is the COR, he doesn’t get the Scoutbook messages because that email isn’t checked.

I am not concerned about login credentials but changing the email that messages go to.


The COR needs to log in to Scoutbook, go to My Account → Edit Profile and change his e-mail address there. This is not something that can be done by a unit admin.

Users are unable to change their profile e-mail address in general. I am a key 3 member, and I cannot change any of our leaders, parents, scouts, or even my own e-mail address. If a user goes to their Profile, then Update E-mail Preferences, the fields are greyed out and cannot be edited by the user either.


Users have to use My Account → Edit Profile and change the e-mail under Contact Information.

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So, Advancement.Scouting.Org is where all users make changes to their profile for If that is the case, the option to change your e-mail on needs to be removed to prevent confusion.

Edit E-mail in Scoutbook is where users can change their opt-out settings. There is a note on the page that says NOTE: Moving forward information in the edit email page will be edited in the Internet Advancement (IA) application. Changes made to the profile information in IA may take a few hours to 1 day to show in Scoutbook.

I’ll ask the developers to improve the wording

They might as well remove the form as well, since it’s disabled anyway. Better would be to add a link to the correct place to update email.

Since Key 3 Members can already create member profiles, can it please be made so we can edit profiles? It makes it very frustrating for leaders and parents that I’m not able to make basic edits and fixes for the Pack’s ScoutBook. Having to walk each parent or leader through each edit or fix takes up a lot of valuable time.

BSA has previously said they don’t want admins/Key 3 be able to edit email addresses/contact info for parents and parent/leaders because it causes potential issues with YPT enforcement. That said, if you want to push for that change, you’re likely going to need to find a staff advocate at your council who can push that item up the chain through the council’s national contacts. I don’t think it will work, personally, but SUAC has already been told no before and aren’t going to be able to make headway from their end.

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Just to clarify, the term “Key 3” (in a Cub Scout pack) means that an adult leader is registered as:

  • Chartered Org. Rep.,
  • Committee Chair, or
  • Cubmaster

The unit Key 3 have the option to use the Position Manager at my.scouting to designate up to 3 other adult leaders in the pack as “Key 3 Delegates”. In addition, the Chartered Org. Rep. (COR) has the option to designate 1 other adult leader as a “COR Delegate”.

An adult leader might be a Pack Admin in Scoutbook, but not registered as one of the pack’s Key 3.


@BrendanEvans Another option is for users to log in at my.scouting and update their e-mail address there.

If you ask your pack’s Key 3 to add you as a Key 3 Delegate at my.scouting, then you can edit e-mail addresses for other leaders in your pack there.

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I am so confused…and slightly frustrated.

Based on this conversation I think I need to sit down with our COR and try to get him logged into the Internet Advancement application. From there he should be able to change his email.

I know this is a common refrain but the “rules” of administering a Troop and the seemingly endless applications that get shuffled around are a real impediment for Troops trying to get more parents involved. I have been doing it for years and don’t understand it. When I finally do get a light grasp on what to do it changes. BSA really needs an enterprise architect that can start to make a coherent strategy.

Rant over.

@ReidHollander I would recommend having your COR log in at my.scouting and update his info. there (Menu → My Profile). It should sync over to Internet Advancement.

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