Leader not able to change email address in scoutbook

Not sure if anyone can help with this. Our troop has an ASM that can’t log into his Scoutbook account because he says he needs to change his email address. He has asked me to look into it because I have admin privileges because I’m the Unit Advancement Chair and the troop was not using Scoutbook before me and my husband came in last year. I go to his profile in the troop rooster and try to edit his profile, I get this message: “Since Paul has already connected to his account he should be the primary person updating his profile. If you are posting additional contact information please get permission from Paul first.” So I told him that he has to change it but he apparently can’t log in to change it. He went to our council office and they said that the troop’s “scout book person” has to change it, he is assuming that is me.

I just tried emailing scoutbook.support@scouting.org and got a message saying to contact the local council because "Due to the unusual circumstances of 2020, Member Care Contact Center will no longer be able to support volunteers. Please contact your local council for support. "
This person is starting to be rather unpleasant to me saying I am keeping him from accessing his son’s records, etc. I am getting close to leaving the troop because of this person.
Is there someone I can email his information to so they can contact him over it? I have the feeling he doesn’t believe anything I say anymore.

Post the BSA number and we can take a look

and the council is WRONG - only a user can change their own email - from the user interface

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his number is 132758734

Well as he has not logged in since 2016 - hmmmm - let me poke around - I will send you a private message look at the top Right corner in the Orange Circle T for it

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