Steps for parents to change (or add) their son’s email address in Scoutbook

What are the steps that a parent can do to change (or add) their son’s email address in Scoutbook?

I did a test with my son P*****p K. He logged into SB with his own ID & PW. Then he clicked on “Edit Extended Information”: He could only change his grade and school name.

Then he clicked on “Edit Profile” which took him to Internet Advancement where he could only change the password, but could not change his email. His current email address was visible and correct - but greyed out and unable to be changed. That was only a test to see how parents/scouts could do it on their own.
I am the Admin for our Troop and we have a few scouts where the parents have linked their child but used their own (parent) email and now wish to correct this.

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I would recommend having the Scout log in at my.scouting and update their e-mail address there.

Yes if the Scout logs in the Scout can change it

My son (a scout) did just that. He logged into my.scouting and it did not allow to change the email. He could only change the password.

go to

My Scout can edit it at

Only options are for password, not for email change

That is My Account not My Profile

PLEASE note, my son does not need to change his email address. My son is helping figure out a way to advise a few parents in our unit that need to do just that for their sons.

Screen Shot 2022-10-05 at 12.12.05 PM

In my.scouting you go to My Profile.

In you do it in Edit profile

I see the option at the bottom to add an email address. If my son were to add an address (to the right) would he be effectively changing his email address?

@GigiKarschies click EDIT

I apologize for the pics, but it help.
The image below, the circle in red, it is my (mother) email address.

Screen Shot 2022-10-05 at 12.18.00 PM

You click EDIT to change the email

The email that is currently there is my email address, not my son’s email. So in effect would he not be changing my email instead of his?

it is the email in his account - that is the one you want changed - I do now understand your confusion