Changing from a Tiger Parent or Lion Adult Partner require Paper Application

Continuing the discussion from October 7, 2022 Internet Advancement and Recharter Change Log:

Paper application! NOOOOOOOO!!!

Do you mean new application? Paper or otherwise?

It depends upon the Council. Some councils require paper applications for all adult leaders.

Yes yes. But how about “application required using the methods available in your council (paper or electronic).”

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I added some clarification:

  • In the Recharter system: When changing from a Tiger Parent or Lion Adult Partner to an adult leadership position, the system now requires a paper Adult Application or an online application (which will automatically be added to the roster if done prior to submitting the recharter.)

If they submit an online application, they aren’t really doing it as part of recharter. So, I’d suggest the original wording was actually correct. Although, I can understand the benefit of pushing people to think about online.

Yes and no. I had this with a CBC last year. I could have attached it, but then it wouldn’t auto post. So I sent the registrar a paper CBC, she added it to the person, I hit refresh, and it shows up in recharter. It was in the recharter software, but it was triggered by it.

So, in this case, I want to change a tiger adult partner to a DL. I change them in the charter page, but it won’t process since they are missing registration, CBC, YPT. So, I need to register them. I either a) attached scanned paper copies or b) get them registered electronically and hit refresh. I just wouldn’t want someone to assume you HAVE to use a paper copy. Either you get them registered outside of the recharter software and hit refresh OR you attach. There are plenty of people who say “oh, you have to use paper”. Not quite. I just encountered that with the multiplying COR/CC. I was being told that HAD to be a paper app. No, it didn’t.

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