Process for validation of uploaded documents with adult leader change


I have an adult that was previously a Tiger Cub Adult ($0) on our roster. That person is becoming a Den Leader with this year’s recharter. The leader has completed YPT and has filled out a CBC auth document – both of which I have uploaded to the rechartering tool.

However, I cannot change this person’s role to den leader because the rechartering tool does not yet recognize the YPT and CBC as being complete.

Beyond just uploading the documents, what else needs to happen for the rechartering tool to recognize this leader’s YPT and CBC as being complete so that I can change the role? Do the documents need to be validated? How do I trigger that validation?


You can’t change the position, you’d add a new one. Tiger Cub Adult is not a registered position so it can’t be turned into one. The system does not convey that well. You add them again. Neither YPT nor CBC need to be completed to submit the charter, but the registrar or other individuals would be reaching out for them if you fail to upload them.

@ErikMeserve - I trust an adult application was filled out and approved by the COR. Also make sure to put the existing BSA ID on the application.

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thank you! I’ll process both as adding a new one!