Lion Adult Partner

The Lion Adult Partners were automatically added to the Recharter roster. If they do not hold an actual position in the Pack do I need to include them in the recharter?

@JoshuaBeard - lion and tiger adults are automatically included as no fee

They have to be included as recharter fails if you have more scouts in lions/tigers than adults - as each Scout is required to have an adult

Not that it directly impacts me right now (being long gone from our pack), but how does that work if you (for example) have twins? In the past, we had one parent partnering both Tigers. Does that mean you have to have a different parent for each scout? If so, how does that, in principle, work with a single-parent household?

@CharleyHamilton passing on what we were told - we do not need to take it on a tangent thanks

Sorry. Just trying to understand.

@CharleyHamilton - to close that tangent- we have had twins and it was the same parent on both.


In the past, you added two adult partner positions to the same person.