Changing last name

I have a parent whose last name is incorrect in Scoutbook. Who has access to change this? Her SB ID is (removed by Moderator) and the last name should be changed to (removed by Moderator).

@JoyEricson It looks like she has 3 BSA member numbers in your council.

I will take a look.

@JoyEricson I was able to get her last name closer, but it is missing some letters at the end.

If she knows how to log in at Internet Advancement, she might be able to change it there under “Profile”.

If she is unable to change it herself, she can contact your local council. The local council should be able to correct it using their Registrar Tools.

They can also add her parent / child relationship using Registrar Tools.

Her BSA member number is:


@JoyEricson She also has 2 usernames at my.scouting:

One is the part of her e-mail address in front of the @ symbol.
The other is her e-mail address.

Which one does she want to keep? We can retire the other one.

She wants to keep the one that is just the first part of her email address. But that login isn’t (or at least wasn’t) linked to her son. If both my.scouting usernames are now linked to the same ID numbers, would she still have access to her son’s profile?

Yes. If your registrar does what @JenniferOlinger suggests.

@JoyEricson I have merged the parent’s Scoutbook accounts. Yes, she still has access to her son’s profile in Scoutbook.

I have also merged her usernames. She should use the one that is just the first part of her e-mail address. The e-mail one has been retired.

I still recommend contacting your local council. They should be able to correct the spelling of her name and update her parent / child relationships using their Registrar Tools.

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