Changing Parents Name

A parents hasn’t logged into her account yet and I’m not able to go in and update her name. I used to be able to before she connected but now I get a message…

" NOTE: Moving forward information in the profile page will be edited in the Internet Advancement (IA) application. Changes made to the profile information in IA may take a few hours to 1 day to show in Scoutbook."

I don’t see anywhere on IA to update parent information.

Post the parent’s BSA Member ID or Scoutbook User ID and we will investigate. We do not need any names.

BSA Member #: 14257833

UserID: 12455450


Based on the e-mail address, I believe the member’s name has a ch not kk. Is this correct?

Since it is ch in Akela, I can force an update to Scoutbook once I know which spelling is correct.

First name is correct, last name should be “S*”. I was going by the email address but then learned that Porter was her middle/maiden name.

So… “N* S*”

(Moderator: Replaced names with initials)

Her name is wrong in Akela. You will need to contact your Council to have it changed. About 24 hours after it is changed in Akela it will be changed in Scoutbook.

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