Internet Recharter - Print Error

I have logged in to Scouting
I Clicked on the print roster icon and get the following message:
“Please log onto your account and try again, or report this to the forums (28).”
I have logged off and back on and still get the same error message .

@MichaelFerguson hmmmmm - I just tried and it worked fine? Try a private window. One note - it gives the original roster NOT changes you made in the process

Can’t test as is it says “Recharter is Locked”.
Overall big improvement over past years’ recharter processes.

oh if you made payment then no you cannot print roster at that point

Like I said in my reply to scouting forums big improvement of prior internet recharter.

There are a couple of process bugs that should be addressed:

  1. Need ability to save your work (as in my case with the print issue). And if you encounter a problem. My Comm Chair had an issue but I could not see the problem.
  2. Need ability to print the final draft before you hit the done key.
  3. Wish - initial sort is by these fields: Last Name, Adult/Youth, First Name. Not probably an issue on small units but could make life easier on large units.


Payment has not been made yet. We come into the office and present a check.

My experience was that as I made changes, and came back, they were still there.

I finished recharter for 3 units. B troop, G troop & F Pack about 2 weeks ago.
I agree that your #2 is a critical need, not just (just before the final done, but earlier in the process to do sanity checks, etc with fellow scouters (old and young) who don’t use or like to use screens but prefer hardcopy (or have access problems with the internet).
For #3 If I remember correctly their was a way to filter to just adult or just youth so that helped when going through the rosters. (I did not “see” that option in the beginning so I was doing the combined y&a roster on he first path.
(COR here did all the work for the B troop, monitored Pack & G troop)
But all are done.
Note: Two of the units paid at Council, The council needed the hardcopy list (or the electronic final list that could be e-mailed to the council person & printed) which included the breakdown of $ amounts for y,a, other things to properly document the payment in the council financial records. I was lucky enough to have the B troop with me at council and meet the processor at council for the pack with my copy of the pack list so we could make it work.
(90 miles ~ 1.5 hrs to council from the house)

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