Printing merit badge card sheets

Is there a way to have the print fields line up with the lines on the Merit Badge Cards? I purchased the sheets of merit badge cards to print out our Summer Camp cards, but nothing lines up, and looks really bad. Not only does it not line up, but the information prints on the wrong lines…Date, Unit, Council lines do not match what prints.

we made the first one - then supply group changed it and gave a new SKU - then they changed it again and went back to old SKU - the system works, you just have to make sure the right choices are there in system and it prints at 100% - it is much easier to print on plain blue paper and cut them

Sorry…was talking about the sheets that you print when you award a merit badge…not the blue cards themselves. Although this info is helpful as well.


Sheets I have never had issues with - other than I wish they would just come out with a generic universal one for all

Make sure your printer is not set up to scale the output. It needs to print at 100%. It may also help to use a paper tray that does not turn the paper over going through the printer. These have been known to slip.

I recommend printing on plain white paper first and holding this up against the pre-printed pocket certificate sheets. Once the alignment is correct, print on the actual pocket certificate sheet.

The order in which the information prints is not in the same order that the card is asking for.


Are you selecting the SKU that matches the cards you purchased?