Charter not showing up on scoutbook

We chartered and the troop 222 Inland Northwest Council, Mountain Lakes District. The troop has not yet shown up in scoutbook. My council says its a national issue. it has been entered then disappeared. it has been more than a month no resolve. I need to enter advancements and record activities, send communication via scoutbook.

@JustinGodbehere - i am not certain that I understand the post. Was the troop in scoutbook prior ? Or is this a new unit ? Perhaps you can post your bsa id number.

@JustinGodbehere you are not registered for a troop 222 - go to - my profile - you can see it there - your council has not finished their job

Thats is the issue, it is a new charter. council has statees they have submitted it and it disappeared. I was told there is a new registrar system this year that wasn’t tested at national and our charter disappeared after submitted. It there a number for tech support?

Your council can turn in a national ticket @JustinGodbehere

It has issues a ticket three weeks ago with no resolve thats why I am asking for
Some Tech support or Number for national. Without the charter, i cant enter advancements, purchase awards, look up merit badge councilors or register for scouting events including scout camp. Please help get me get a contact number.

There is no support phone number for volunteers. This must be driven by your Council staff.

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