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Four Scouts have disappeared from scoutbook

Four of our scouts have disappeared from Scoutbook. I see them (and parents names) on one of our events but you can’t click on them. They are not in the connections manager and we have not idea what happened.

Go to My Account > My Connections and see if you see Scouts there? If so you can restore their memberships.

A Key 3 needs to go to my.scouting.org and Check Member Manager to see if Scouts are on the official roster. It sounds like your charter ran and the 4 Scouts were left off the charter.

Also check their BSA ID numbers in Scoutbook to make sure they match the Member Manager.

Thank you. I checked Member Manager and they are not listed. I’ve notified the appropriate leaders and we’ll get this taken care of.

I don’t have the BSA numbers at the moment but will check that as well when I get the info.

Appreciate the help.

If they are not in Member Manager, that is the entire issue. They aren’t registered.

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