Missing Scout in Troop, but shows up in Crew (different Council)

I have a Scout, (name removed by admin), who is not showing up in Troop 82, West Earl Lions Club, Pennsylvania Dutch Council. She is trying to advance. Below is the response I received from our district executive.


For Troop 82: There is a problem with the National system that is not allowing members with primary registrations in another council to be processed as a multiple in a different council. Our registrar is waiting on a fix to be able to process the two adults and one youth in this situation for your troop.

@ErinBlank1 please do not post names - if it is 2 councils it will be 2 BSA #s and 2 Scoutbook accounts. If you post BSA # we can take a look

Thanks for the reminder. Crew BSA ID: 14054468

Her troop BSA ID and name are not in the Roster.

136148660 is Troop - I think she was dropped at recharter?

And the SB account for Crew used to have the Troop MID - this can all be fixed.

She was not supposed to be dropped at recharter, though that’s what it looks like. She switched primary to crew in the other Council (where her BSA ID is showing).

Well your council just needs to start membership back up then - she needs to decide what council she is going to work Scouts BSA advancement in (can be both but cleaner to track in one).

Our troop council DE said it is a National fix, not hers. Been asking her to fix it for a number of weeks.

This is a council issue - she needs membership in the Troop - she has none

This is an issue your Council registrar needs to fix, not a DE.

She has been in the troop since 2019, so wouldn’t the DE have that info? The DE is the one that says National has to fix it.

I’m just a Scoutmaster looking out for my kid. I’ve tried repeatedly to get both Councils to recharter and get us moving forward. Can you help us?

No your council needs to solve this - I would not talk to DE - I would directly call the registrar to get this and recharter resolved if it is not wrapped up

okay. Thank you for the support!

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