Charter Signature Request email not sent/received


We have asked the developers for help with your issue.

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Having just finished 3 charters using Internet Rechartering 2.0, I have some suggestions/feedback. Maybe you can pass along to the developers.

  1. Add functionality to revert multiples back. Also need functionality to fix where multiples are paying if a mistake is made (say wrong troop is selected).
  2. Add functionality to review draft recharter paperwork (like previous system) prior to submittal. I was kinda surprised by some of the data on one of mine. I had to explain to the COR what was going on.
  3. Add more report capabilities. The only report that the CC can generate now is “current roster” which is basically useless. I would like to have a revised roster report with current changes. Lastly I need an itemized report (by scout/scouter) that I can provide a treasurer so that they can determine if scouters/scouts are being charged the right amount from our individual troop accounts.
  4. “Update roster” button did not work for me. I saw scouts/scouters on my.scouting roster but they would not populate in the recharter system.
  5. Once submittal occurs, the e-sign was one signature only and done (locked). So if CM or SM signs, then COR cannot. Recommend that we go back to prior where SM/CM and COR signs the recharter.
  6. Lastly, on the price summary window prior to hitting the submit button, that window had 2 “totals” with 2 different prices. I was not expecting two totals with two different prices - maybe label one “subtotal” if that’s what it is.

Thanks, LH


I am having the same problem. My Pack rechartered just fine. I still have yet to receive the Signature Request emails for both TroopB and TroopG. I did recharter on Wednesday. Still nothing. I am beyond frustrated. I have reached out to my Registrar, and she is also frustrated as we are unable to get these files.

My suggestion for 2022? Let us be able to print once we submit. Don’t “Recharter Locked!” us, as we still need to print. Still, so many bugs. Disappointing.

I have a unit that is having the same issue. Pack got the email no problem, but the Troop hasn’t gotten the signature request email. I am wondering if there is a way for the email to somehow be sent again?

Troop 257B, TAC 802, has submitted their recharter but none of the Key 3 have received the email to sign for the COR???

On November 12, 2021 Internet Advancement Change Log it lists: “During recharter, if the Adobe email for COR signature fails, allow the unit to “re-trigger” from the recharter”. I assume that meant there was a way to re-trigger the COR Signature e-mail, but can’t seem to find the re-trigger button for a unit I’m helping to recharter (I sat with them as they showed me, as I’m trying to assist them as a unit commissioner). They just get the “submitted” screen when you click on recharter and no buttons or links to click. Is this retrigger a button or am I wrong about that?

I do not have that button either. I also got the same guidance from my council, and I have nothing.

Has anyone seen this magic button appear? I know the developers were working on it, but so far haven’t seen it.

On these emails - was junk checked? Having fun trying to convince developers the emails are not sending

I state with certainty that the key 3 for the crew all received the email. That submission has been signed off so now on to the other two units.

We’ve been told that the button is hidden if the email was sent. I really don’t understand because that defeats the whole purpose of REsending it.

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Yes, junk was checked. In the cases we have, none of any of the Key 3 received the email to sign, and all checked the junk folders. They did get the email with the summary, but not the request to sign. In most cases those involved were for a linked troop, so the recipients of the emails know exactly what to look for. For one troop, and also the Pack, all emails received. For one troop no signature request email received. See the original post: All spam folders checked. All membership ID in the original post there too. Several others now also hung in the system, many for linked units, but not all.

Does anybody know what this “resend” button looks like or where to find it on the screen?

Is there any hope for getting this resolved. I see in the FAQ2 this is listed as that the button will appear, but no one that needs it sees it. It would be great to resolve this and move on.

I will continue to press the developers. I cannot say if they will see it our way.

Thank you for your assistance
1- I do not understand why the button to resend the email cannot be offered to those that need it for any charter still awaiting signature, whether because of an unexpected system hiccup, or simply receiver error. I understand if the developers wish to install a 24 hr wait after the initial email to allow the COR a fair chance to reply and not flood an inbox. The fact remains that we have several charters in limbo for this reason. Most systems that use email, text, phone call for authenticating a user offer the opportunity to resend the notification. Standard operating procedure.

2- If the developers still will not provide the button to those that need it, please kindly ask them to provide step-by-step instructions for an alternate procedure in this forum to get that signature.

I am on my knees hoping to see an extended hand from the developers. I want to move past this to return to focus on improving unit health, and program delivery.

Again, thank you for your help as liaison to the developers.

  • a very weary District Commissioner
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Having the same issue trying to resend email to COR. FAQ stated:
Q – The email to my COR was never sent and now my recharter is locked. How do I resend the email?

A – If your email was not sent, you can return the recharter page and a button will become visible. This button will regenerate the email without reopening the recharter.

I can’t see or find the visible “BUTTON”. Any help?

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On Button - we are trying to get answers - how I read it is if the SYSTEM thinks the email was not sent it can be seen - which is pretty dumb

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@JeannetteWild I agree, and those are same points I communicated to the development team.

Thank you Jacob. I really, really appreciate your help.