Chartered Org is wrong in SB

As I was updating our Scouts’ leadership positions today, I found a bug in our Troop’s SB account.

We changed COs in 2022. Our charter appears to reflect that.
But when I clicked on the leadership tab under a scout’s profile, and then clicked the add button to add another leadership position, our CO is listed as the wrong (old) CO.
There was an option to list past memberships, so I thought maybe it was a matter of clicking a button. The old one is listed correctly as the old one, but the new one is still listed as the old one.

This is particularly important because that CO is about to start a new girls’ troop using a number similar to our number. (The CO granted us permission to keep our number)

Is it possible that when our council added their troop, they somehow muffed up our charter?

You can see what I’m talking about with SB user 2620727. This scout was active both when we were with the old charter and our current charter.

However, this also occurs with SB user 13191012 who has only ever been a member under our current (new) charter.

@JenniferVeith I think this is something to first bring up to Council as they control that

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Thanks for letting me know. I’ll move it up the chain.

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