Posted re-charter messed with previously fixed account


BSA MID#13858863 was fixed last summer, about July. It had a problem with a previous out-of-council MID with an incorrect birthday. Things were managed and the scouter could login to SB and see their units and scouts.

Now, since re-charter posted, she has to switch between MIDs in My.Scouting to see either her children or her units.

Called our assistant registrar this morning. She checked some things, but could not find the issue.

Can you direct me to what needs to be changed (and how) to resolve this issue?


@DougWright It sounds like one or more of her children is connected to her under her old BSA member ID number.

Ask your council Registrar to look up her children using the Registrar Tools and look in the “User Relationships” section. She should be connected to them there under BSA MID# 13858863.

Thank you @JenniferOlinger . Our assistant registrar did this for the four children - three had the old MID for mom. This was her first time for this particular fix.

We’ll check things tomorrow after the overnight sync to see if the problem has been resolved. :slight_smile:

@DougWright She also had a duplicate Scoutbook account, I have merged them.

Only other thing I see right now is that she has a duplicate position in Scoutbook as Cubmaster. I would recommend putting an end date on one of them.

Things are fixed now, thank you. Only thing remaining is someone using the same email.

@DougWright Her e-mail is also on her children’s Scoutbook accounts.

We can remove it, if she would like.

Just spoke to her, please remove her email from her children. Thank you.

@DougWright I have removed her e-mail address from her children. However, the e-mail might come back, because it is stored at my.scouting.

Thank you. She will edit the emails in my.scouting.

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