Checking for over age youth

It appears that Registrar Tools is using only the current date to determine whether or not the youth is over age. Shouldn’t it be using the greater of current date and start of next charter period? My registrar checked a unit yesterday and found one over age youth (11th birthday last January). Today there are two over age because it’s the birthday of a second one!

I wonder if Internet Rechartering does this the same way.

Rechartering an 11 yr old in Cub Scouts is within the rules. They just can’t be 11 when you register them new.

Let’s not forget there is a exception for some Scouts with special needs. See

I believe these people require paper applications and additional forms processed by the council registrar to become members.

I do not know if the internet recharter soffware is programmed to handle age exceptions for Scouts with special needs.

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