Error: Participant needs to reenroll as participant

One of our troop members is over 18 and has special needs. According to the troop roster, his member status is “Participant”; specifically, “Unit participant.” When I try to validate the charter, I get the following error for the member in question.

Youths do not meet the age/grade requirement for the program
The following are adults. Please remove them from recharter and add as a participant (for those continuing to earn advancement i.e. Venturing, Sea Scouting) or adult.

This looks like a bug to me. Any suggestions? I can’t complete the recharter until this is fixed.

Talk to council - they may have instructions

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@NikiThornock - there is an exception flag that the registrar can enter but i was given the advice to revise the DOB back to have the system recognize the youth.

Can you try it again? I believe a fix related to this was recently put in. I’m not sure if it’d work in your exact situation or not.

Or hit refresh roster?

Good call. That could help. Maybe a hard refresh too.

It switched from an error to a warning, so I was able to validate the charter. Hurray!
Thank you.

@Stephen_Hornak I recommend not putting in a false date of birth.

@NikiThornock It appears that the Scout’s registration beyond age of eligibility for Scout’s with special needs requires Scout Executive approval. See

  • Registering Youth With Disabilities
  • Registering Qualified Members Beyond the Age of Eligibility