Kids not quite aged out for recharter

2 scouts will age out in 2023. They’re both working on their Eagles (yeah!). Our council said they have to turn in an adult application, CBC and do YPT before I submit the recharter. Do I do the adult application and CBC on paper and send to council? Do they have to then pay $84 for the adult fee? Seems excessive to me.

I’ll ask our council too, they’re just spread very thinly.
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Never heard this - they are still youth if not 18

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It’s in preparation for when they turn 18. To me it’s making an assumption that the kids want to stay in scouts as adults or they want to cont with venturing.

Ultimately, this is a question for your council registrar. I doubt the system will allow you to register someone under 18 at the start of the year as an adult.


We’ve been specifically instructed NOT to turn in an adult application for our scouts who are turning 18 until after their Eagle BOR is complete and they show as Eagle in Scoutbook. Our council advancement team has told us that if the scout gets flipped to an adult leader before they have been awarded Eagle by national, the system gets confused, because adults cannot earn Eagle.
Might be worth asking for a second opinion…

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Councils can record Eagle at any age - so not sure what your council is talking about

@MichelleCarr1 Assuming that you Recharter the Scouts, they would need to be Rechartered as youths (because you said they turn 18 in 2023).

If they want to continue as adults (adult leader in a troop or adult participant as part of the Venturing / Sea Scouts programs), then they will need to submit adult applications at that time. They should not need to pay an additional fee to continue as an adult leader or adult participant, because they have already paid for 2023 as part of Recharter. (Exception: If they decide to transfer to another council, then that other council might have additional fees.)

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