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Advancement tracking question

Hello, I have a few questions regarding what and how advancement tracking should be working. Internet Advancements is still being updated for scout advancements. Independently, someone else is updating scoutbook with the same details.


  • how can we verify if synching is enabled between the systems?
  • if synching is enabled, in which direction does it synch? does one always override the other?
  • once we confirm the two systems are in sync, is the goal to stop using internet advancements and to exclusively use scoutbook going forward?

Thanks in advance.

Sync is enabled for all units.

Sync is two way between ScoutNET (the database Internet Advancement reads) and Scoutbook. The system with the latest change “wins”.

All units that are using Scoutbook should stop using Internet Advancement. The BSA is working to retire Internet Advancement with a system that writes directly to the Scoutbook database. When this system is released, units that do not use Scoutbook will use the new system. Those using Scoutbook will continue to do so.

Thanks for the clarification Ed.