Cannot record advancement in Internet Advancement

Since Scoutbook will be merging into Internet Advancement (eventually) I felt it was better to teach new leaders how to add advancement in IA instead of Scoutbook.

However, when I go into the pack roster, my “Record Progress” button is grayed out (which maybe dated).

I’m a Den Leader/Den Admin with no issues in Scoutbook.

Disregard the button. I found that if I select the name I can go into it.

However, I am presented with a note saying I only have Read Only access. Where should that be changed.

Also can IA only record a full adventure completion or each individual part like Scoutbook?

@TravisStephens - I am fairly certain that it was key3, their delegates, advancement chair and unit admins that have the write access at this time


Until there is an announcement about full advancement, including requirements, being trackable in IA, I suggest you continue using Scoutbook. IA is currently setup for units that don’t use Scoutbook for advancement so access is limited.

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I just figured with the eventual merge it was worth going through IA more. Of course who knows how much it will change with the merge.

Normally, I appreciate people looking ahead and being proactive, but this is a case where it will just lead to frustration since it’s a slow migration as features are ready.

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