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Unit Pins not showing up for new units

In June of 2019 we started a new troop for girls and as of today the unit is still not showing up on the BeAScout site as a pin. Our district has a second troop for girls started a few months back that is also not showing up. I have searched in surrounding areas of the state and also found no unit pins for two other girl troops that I know exist, one started back in April 2019 and one started in June 2019. These four missing pins are all in Hudson Valley and Rip Van Winkle Councils in NY. I have found pins for girl troops in Twin Rivers and Westchester-Putnam Councils in NY so I know some are being created. I have been in touch with our council to resolve this but several months on we are still not showing up which makes recruiting harder. Can anyone point me to whom I should contact about unit pin issues?

Has someone from your unit set the pin to “active”?

Bryan on Scouting: Update your BeAScout pin today, so future Scouting families can find you tomorrow

BSA help document: BeAScout Unit PIn Management

I am the committee chair and one of the key 3. I am also chair and key 3 for our boy troop and I can edit the pin entry for that unit from my My.Scouting account. I have nothing for the girl troop.

Possible issues:

  • pin must be in unit mode and active to display
  • unit and leader are not yet registered for 2020 (by council registrar)
  • unit identification issues (not entered by council correctly or multiple IDs)
  • key 3 v.s. key 3 delegate

I do not know what you mean by “key 3”. If registered as troop committee chair, try removing “key 3 delegate” if that has been set in the organization security manager.

Failing that, contact national member care for assistance.