Completed Adventures are not showing up in the reports

Adventures that are marked as “Complete” by the den leaders are not showing up in the approval report. Items that are “Approved” by leaders are not showing up in the purchasing report.

I am not even able to manually go into each account and hit “approve”

This is making it hard to determine what is needed for purchasing. We have had issues with this for the past year. Items will appear in the reports MONTHS after they were first entered.
It looks like the thread for this in Dec '21 was closed, but we have had not resolution.

@ElizabethYafrate It looks like your registration expired and you were dropped when your pack’s recharter posted. That might be a reason why things are not working correctly.

Thank you for the response. I notified our leaders about this, but this has been an ongoing problem that has become worse.

Scouts had earned adventure loops in early spring 2021. They were marked complete at that time. Then they did not show up in the reports until winter 2021/2022. Would this be connected?

Possibly. If you are not registered as an adult leader, then it affects your connections in Scoutbook. If you do not have the proper connections in Scoutbook, then you won’t be able to see or approve certain things.

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