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I’m the Tiger Den Leader and as we completed the last requirement for the rank in April I had 4 scouts that the gauge went to 100%, but the Checkbox didn’t complete. They sat like this from Mid April till this morning when I went to run some reports like Needs Approval, or Needs Purchasing. These scouts (Andrea in my den for one) didn’t populate in any reports until I went into each scout’s advancement record.

I’m quite fluent in the Scoutbook application, so I devised a workaround to mark these scouts complete. Simply going into the advancement record was enough to give them the green check automatically, but 4 of my 11 completed scouts didn’t populate on the Needs Purchasing.

As a web developer myself I know the constant need to be notified of the bugs that creep in. Have a great day.


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What adventure is this? What’s unique about the four that didn’t appear in needs purchasing? Did you change anything to get them there, or are they still missing?

Items that are not marked as Approved should not show up on the Needs Purchasing / Needs Awarding Reports. That part is working as expected.

However, items that are 100% should go to the Needs Approval Report. This sounds like a bug.

As a workaround, you could use Report Builder to create a custom report that looks for adventures or ranks that are 100% as a double-check.

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