Completed training not showing on report

BSA ID is: 140448394 Council 550

Individual is attempting to register as ACM, but there is a training mandate and council bumped him down to reserve for missing modules SCO_457, 460 and 461.

When he logs into his training, and navigates to the modules they show complete, however they are not showing up as complete on his advancement report/training log.

How do I coach him on fixing this so we can get him registered to the correct position. I’m hoping the answer doesn’t involve him having to repeat the training…

Thanks in advance!

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Thank you!)

He has never taken them under that number - he should just go in and take them

@KatieGooding It looks like the user took the training under his secondary BSA member ID number.

  1. Ask the user to log in at my.Scouting.
  2. Go to “Manage Member ID”.
  3. Set the other BSA member ID number as “primary” and let it stay there for about an hour.
  4. (He should not log in to Scoutbook or Internet Advancement while this secondary number is set as primary, or he will create a duplicate Scoutbook account.)
  5. Then he should switch his primary back to 140448394.
  6. He will need to wait up to 24 hours, but his training should be copied onto the primary BSA number.
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Thank you! I passed this information along.

@KatieGooding I think the training has already merged. He shouldn’t need to do anything now.