Completed training using wrong YPT completion indicator

I have a volunteer leader who, per the YPT Reports feature at, is current on his YPT training:
(The YES here is in the Status column, meaning his YPT training is current.)

However, if I go to Training Manager and click Report, it shows he is not YPT trained, and that is holding him back on being position trained:

I suspect what is going on is he may have restarted YPT sometime recently and completed 2/3 of it. That does not invalidate the fact that the holds a current, unexpired YPT certificate.

It appears that the presence of an incomplete YPT attempt is tripping up the calculation on whether one is position trained. In fact, that is irrelevant. The only relevant question to ask is whether a current YPT certificate exists. That certificate does not disappear simply because there is a newer, incomplete YPT training attempt.

@ArenCambre YPT has 4 not 3 sections. They need SCO_3001, 3003, 3004, 3007. If you post BSA # we can see what they are missing

Also many councils (and soon national it appears) require your YPT to not expire in your charter to register.

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Looking at your picture:

Mandatory Training:
To Do: S11

S11 is Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills (IOLS) and is an overnight campout in-person training.
That appears to be the training that this ASM needs.

Yes, that is how one reads it, but man, what an interface!

Aha, then you’ve identified another bug! It should be x/4, not x/3!

Not the case here. Our charter corresponds to the calendar year. We have months before that is an issue, and this is not a recharter issue.

Thank you! That is it!

You need a doctorate in Scouting to read it. :grin:

Thank you, but I only have my Master’s in Commisioner Science. The other clue is the blue font. It will turn green once 100% done. I saw some blue and some green a couple of years ago and was like “hummm…” what does that mean?!?!?

It could mean a web-accessibility deficiency. :slight_smile: Guidelines: WAI Web Content Accessibility Curriculum - slide "2. Don't rely on color alone."

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Did they take the recommended or required ypt?

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@BenjaminWard Based on the picture that Aren posted, the ASM needs to take IOLS.

The 66% (2/3) refers to the section - not YPTin particular. I misread it the first time, too.

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Can someone look at my YPT and tell me what’s going on with it?
I just retook YPT tonight. The learn center shows I am 100% complete as of today. The my training section still shows that the last time I took the course was 7/15/2020 and expires 7/15/2022. I had this same issue last year and was told the system would catch up. Clearly it never did. #126404673


I see all 4 pieces of YPT completed today. Give it until tomorrow for everything to sync and if it still does not show you with an updated expiration date, contact your Council.