YPT glitch

We have a Scout trying to complete YPT to register as a Unit Participant. He has completed the test with only one error, and got the “Congratulations, you passed” screen, but then the system tells him that his profile needs to be updated, and the course is not complete. (He used his mom’s email.) They are unable to update the profile either. Member # 128000239

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I only see modules SCO_3008, SCO_3009 and SCO_3010 complete on 12/12/21 (today). It may take some time for the test and final completion to sync to Akela and send out the certificate.


I am also seeing an issue with YPT - when I click on the training module, it goes to the window but nothing loads

Having same issue. The BSA learn Center shows I completed all 4 modules for YPT on 12/04/2021. However as of yesterday, 12/12/2021, the my.scouting YPT aging report still shows my expiration date as JAN2022.

Anyone else having this issue?

New IT policy: “If it’s not broke, fix it 'til it is.”

I redid my YPT yesterday, and it shows my correct recertification due date of 12/13/2023.

Note that it may take some time between completing the training online and seeing the record update in my.scouting.org

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@KellyWallace take a screen shot showing your completion and send it to your council service office. They should be able to assist you.

@KellyWallace You appear to be missing:

SCO_3008 Overview and Policies

However, if you also took that module on the same day, send a screen shot to your council service office, as John suggested.

printed screenshot of this page and the congratulations page for this UP and another UP being sent to council with the check. How do we change a Youth to a UP? Council has to do it?

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