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Scoutbook Report Builder Webelos/AoL advancement bleed over

I generated a den report to track this seasons advancement as AoL and noticed some interesting bleed over from my scouts Webelos rank adventures. Specifically the “Protect Yourself Rules” is showing awarded in the advancement report for all the scouts that got it during Webelos but, not all of my scouts have achieved it as AoL scouts.

Within scoutbook proper under rank advancement it properly shows which scouts have it but, the report manager indicates they all already have it. Are scouts only allowed to do the PYR adventure once?

Think of it as a separate adventure for each year that happens to have the same name and adventure pin. Within report building, there is Protect Yourself Rules (Webelos) and Protect Yourself Rules (AOL). Do you have both check in the report builder designer?

It appears that Report Builder has PYR (Webelos) for both AoL and Webelos. The AoL section of the builder needs to be updated to point at (Arrow of Light).

Screenshot of the report builder content for Arrow of Light “All Adventures”

What you are suggesting makes sense to me. I have asked the developers to change it. Thank you.

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Thank you @jacobfetzer

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