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We need help making sure a parent is connected to their youth so that we can transfer the youth into our new Troop, I know that is a council issue but I also believe that mom may have more than one SID and maybe you can take a peek.

When mom logged into my.scouting, she created a new account because it told her that her email wasn’t recognized when she tried to recover her login. New ID 128634597. Scout’s SID 136891753. Does she have a second account that is connected to her scout that you can merge with the 128634597? We also had her check to see if scout was connected to dad but when dad tried logging into my.scouting, he got the error that his email wasn’t recognized. Both parents have had the same email for years.

This might be an issue we have to have our council take a peek at but if you can help at all, we’d be very grateful to help get us on the right track.

Thank you!

@KaronGarrett this is fixed for her Sign in with Google username

Excellent. Thank you @DonovanMcNeil I’ll have her give it a try and let you know if it works. You’re a lifesaver!!

It worked! They are all set. Thanks again.

Hi Again @DonovanMcNeil

I have a few more if you wouldn’t mind connecting. These have come up as we’ve tried to have parents transfer from old troop to new. Council is short staffed and knee deep in recharters so it might take them a while to get to them. Anything you can do would be wonderful. We’ve transferred most of them with the in-council transfer tool which worked great.

Parent 110333229 (this should be the one connected to his scout and primary should be NCAC) and 12086274 Scout 140209009

Parent 13786777 Scout 137175523

Parent 131833725 Scout 132436729

Parent 12489538 (I believe mom has 3 accounts and the one connected to her scout has a misspelling in her first name. Her name should start with V not N) Scout #1 134305324 she also has another Scout so if you can be sure both are connected to her active account. Scout #2 MID is 132436696

Parent 12947060 Scout 130532767

Thank you!!!

@KaronGarrett you are not giving enough information on the issues?

Hi Donavan,

My thought here was that parents have a duplicate account. One that is attached to their scout and one that isn’t. I wanted you look at the scout account and see if you can see who they are connected to and then merge that account with the MID I gave you for their parent if appears to be the same person. After looking a little more at some of these, they’re a bit more convoluted that I originally thought so it might be best that we work with our council office to get them figured out. Thank you for following up just the same. I appreciate all of your hard work for us.

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