Link Parent and Youth Account

Hello there,

Can you link a parent to his scout? We’re in the process of transferring membership to our new troop and they are not connected so the parent can transfer his scout.

Parent 14485702
Scout 14188489

They both have several accounts which should be linked to the ID’s above. They are military and have moved around a bit but I believe that their previous accounts are all linked to the ones mentioned above.
Thank you!

Only Council can help with that @KaronGarrett

We could put MIDs under management but not make the parent / Scout connection needed

The Mother is connected to the current registration as a parent - she could do it

I was thinking you were going to tell me that. :grin: I did tell them to check to see if mom could, so I’ll tell them that she is connected. These can be quite the tangle.Thank you! Have a wonderful holiday!

When the mom tried to login, it’s telling her she doesn’t have an account.

Yes I see no user name for her - go to the Scouts SB Page > see if you can reinvite the mother there . then she will have a username

Or she could go to - put in her info with BSA # 14188488 - and make a log in that way

They tried again and it worked. Thank you!!!

yeah but they made a new MID - I Have fixed it - she should be able to transfer him now

Got it. They told me when they first tried to login, it said she didn’t have an account. They tried again and it said she did. Thanks for linking them. Their son is all transferred and good to go.