Connect to scout in another council

I received a request from a scout in an adjacent council to work with him via Zoom on a merit badge. After meeting and being satisfied that he had completed all requirements I was given a link by the unit advancement chair to his scoutbook account so the MB could be marked as complete.
I was unable to do so, as the advancement chair had not assigned a counselor to the MB.
Tried to add him to my connections using the BSA ID from his scoutbook profile and his last name, got a message that the scout could not be found. Am I unable to add him due to his being from another council, or is there something else that needs to be done?

Are you sure all the data you entered was correct?

Copied/pasted what I just realized is his Scoutbook ID, not BSA ID, as that is all I see when accessing his account.


You will need to request the BSA Member ID from the family or unit. This is required for you to be able to initiate the connection to the Scout

If you are already able to see the scout’s account, are you already connected? Could you just change the connection type?

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