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Cannot connect to MB counselor

I am the unit scoutmaster and have been using Scoutbook for several years with no problems. Recently I am unable to invite a merit badge counselor to a scout’s MB. The MB counselor has worked with our troop in the past and is active on the council’s list. When trying to connect, Scoutbook returns a yellow box error “Leader: Please try searching for the user again”. I have tried many times over the past several days with no success. Thanks.

Are you searching based on email address or name?

I typically use the email but have tried both name and email several times. I have connected to this MB counselor several times over the past year for the same MB. I can find him but get the error when sending the invite.

Is the MBC already connected to the scout for another MB by chance? If so, go to that connection and add the MB the scout is starting to that connection.

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My troop is experiencing the same issues. some MBC can connect while others can not be connected. I would like to know if this bug is being looked into.

When you say they cannot be connected, can you describe what happens when they try? Are they getting an error message? or just not finding them? How do you know they are actually registered?

`I feel I am a good user of Scoutbook. I’ve be on as the Scoutmaster for the past 4 years. I am still unable to connect to the MB counselor. I have worked with the specific counselor in the past with other scouts in out unit within Scoutbook and no problems. When I’m connecting him to the current scout (and I have checked for an existing connection to the scout) it keeps telling me “Leader: Please try searching for the user again.” I have tried by name and e-mail, clearing out any old connections, removing the merit badge and re-adding it. Nothing works. The scout and counselor are currently waiting to connect virtually for sign off. Thanks.

Thanks for your comment and that I am not alone. I used to be able to easily connect directly with someone at ScoutBook before national/council took it all over. If this is a bigger problem it is a concern keeping our scouts going virtually. Hopefully we can figure it out.

I’ve sent you a private message. We can check for the MBC in the database.

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