Inviting parent to join scoutbook

I have two new scouts (twins) that joined our Scouts BSA Troop. When I go into modify connections for them, their parent is listed but nowhere does it shoes that I can send her an invitation to join Scoutbook. Usually it is listed under all the permissions showing if the connection is pending or not. Nothing is showing up there. How can I fix this to get her into Scoutbook?

She may already be setup. Would you give us her member ID or the member ID of one of her sons (no names please)

When I talked to her she said she had not received an invitation. Her BSA number is 132305936. One scout’s number is 14121133.

She already has an account. She is all setup and ready to go. She should login with the username/email she used in Jan. The one that ends in

Please note that parents who are on Scout applications and already have my.scouting accounts do not need an invitation because they are already connected and can use their my.scouting credentials in Scoutbook.,

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