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Bug inviting a parent with an existing account as a connection

Attempting to add a parent with an existing account as a connection to a new scout. The email is generated with the wrong parent name and the wrong scout name (although the parent is the mother of the scout in the email). Also, the email makes it sound like a new account is being created when it should just be connecting her existing account to the scout.

was the user already connected as a leader to the Scout?

I believe that’s a saved message from the last time you invited someone to connect. You can customize your message and save it now.

No she wasn’t connected previously. He is a Lion and just added.

Would that be the last time someone in the Pack had invited someone? I had not invited anyone for a couple years since my older boys crossed over to Scouts BSA.

Maybe. I’m struggling to remember the details of that feature. Would those names make sense as the last parent invited to connect?

I don’t think so, but not 100% sure. It didn’t keep me from sending the invite, just looked like a bug that was worth reporting.

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