Connection Manager Issue

I am a Key-3, Assistant Cubmaster, Den Leader, Committee Member, Pack Trainer, Pack Admin, and Den Admin, Pack Scoutbook Administrator along with a few other positions. We have leaders in our Pack that have stepped down from their roles or have transferred out of area. I need to disconnect their connections with the scouts other than their own child. However, in Connection Manager I am unable to disconnect their connections to scouts they no longer need permissions too. I can only add connections. This is a liability and safety issue for ALL Scouts. How or who has permissions to change FULL CONTROL connections that are no longer needed?

Are they Pack Admins or Den Admins? Those connections cannot be removed until the Pack Admin / Den Admin role has been ended. However, once you end those roles, the adults will drop off the Pack Roster (unless they have some other role / position with your pack). If this is their only role / position, you can temporarily add a different position (such as Unit Scouter Reserve), then use the Connections Manager, then end their positions / roles.

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