Connection with 2 of the same Parent in SB, parent unable to RSVP

Hello, I’m wondering if someone can help me? I have a parent who is linked to a scout twice but she is unable to use SB for her scout for some reason. I had the mom update her photo on the account she can get into, but for some reason she can’t “see” her daughter in our troop (T22) and can only see her other children. Thanks in advance for your help.

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@LauraBunch the 2 accounts are fixed - this is a watch them log in situation to me - cause all looks good with connection to scout

Thank you so much for your help Donovan! If you are able to help clean up the same situation for another sibling, that would be helpful also. BSA ID# 128796641.
Not sure what caused the double accounts being created but I’ll help the mom further and make sure there isn’t anything else happening during login. Thanks again.

Laura Bunch
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@LauraBunch that is fixed too


FYI we have a Council help desk for all technology issues

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