Connections and privacy

If the Scoutbook Powers That Be don’t think you should be able to see the last name of a Scout you aren’t connected with, those Scouts’ full names probably shouldn’t show up in the menu of Scouts that shows up at the top of each Scout’s profile.

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I’ve checked it with my test parent account, and the only name that shows up in that drop down menu is the one connected scout. On my admin account, I can see the full list, but the parent not only can’t see last names, but can’t even see that any other scouts exist from that menu at all (not even first names).

On my admin account, if there’s a Scout I’m not connected with, I only see a first name and last initial in the Roster, but the full name in the menu.

I added committee member and assistant scoutmaster roles to my test account without connecting it to any other scouts, and I still only see one name in the drop down list.

If you are a unit admin, you should be connected by default with every scout in the unit. Note that it may be possible to be connected to a scout and still not see a last name - one of our parents set up their son’s account that way. Even though I have full control, I only see a last initial on most lists, but I do see his full last name in the drop down list.

(Hmm, just checked the patrol and troop rosters, and now I see his full last name everywhere - either his parents set it back, or something has been updated in Scoutbook in the past week to change this.)

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