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Connections are not correct

I’m trying to give parents View Profile Access to the scouts in the Troop. Clicking on the parent name, then selecting View Profile assigns View Profile and View Advancement rights to that parent for all scouts. It’s not always been this way, as I have lots of parents who were previously issued View Profile rights, and didn’t automatically get View Advancement rights. Even when I repeat the process, ensuring I have only selected View Profile, I get the same result. I tried to assign View Profile rights to just one scout by clicking just the one cell, rather than the whole row, now that parent has View Profile and View Advancement rights, and I can’t correct it.

What’s the fix for this? Or has Scoutbook just decided those two much be assigned together now?


There is a bug with the Connections Manager.

You can fix it by going to the Scout’s Connections page and clicking on that parent’s name.

I can’t make changes to the connections on the Scout page, either. The connection options are grayed out, and I can’t change them. I’m the committee chair with full control rights, but can’t make changes. Is there an ETA on correcting this? I need to get new leaders able to do what they need to do in Scoutbook.

@RachelCampbell are you saying give View Profile to their own Scout? National has decided to give parents Full Control of their own Scout at all times.

You aren’t attempting to set parents’ connection to their own scouts to be View Profile, correct, just connections to the other scouts? Parent-to-their-scout connections are mandated to be Full Control by the BSA, so they are always grayed-out.

Also of note, you cannot give a non-leader permissions above view for a scout who isn’t theirs. That is a recent change for youth protection.

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This may actually be the answer…the new Advancement Chair is not showing as a Leader in the roster (despite having the application completed and approved - that’s a different problem I’m trying to solve) but I was trying to assign him access to view and edit advancement, but I can’t.

We do typically allow all parents to have view profile access to all scouts, but when I try to assign that, the system gives them view profile AND view advancement, which is not what we want, and I can’t correct it once it’s in there. Frustrating.

Yeah, that is a bug with the connections manager that was introduced at the same time as the permissions restrictions. You can change them by going into each individual scout’s connections of its an issue, but that sounds like too much work to me.

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