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HELP!!! When trying to update permissions by position for my Assistant Scoutmasters, I got impatient. After almost 10 minutes I thought it was taking too long and I refreshed my screen. When I went back into the connections manager, I found that almost all of the parents had view permission for every Scout. I’ve tried removing the view profile from the parent position and updating it, but this didn’t remove the access. How can I restore original defaults? Is there a simple way to fix this besides updating each individual person? It doesn’t seem to want to work based on position.

I’ve also had our Advancement Chair not be automatically granted edit access to new scouts when the council registered them with our unit. The Advancement Chair position is set to edit advancement. Shouldn’t that include all? Does it have to be periodically updated?

@DavidKlein1 - perhaps related to this:

The connections between unregistered adults and Scouts are now limited to View Profile or View Profile and View Advancement. Only View Profile or View Profile and View Advancement connection types will be allowed for new or edited connections between unregistered adults and Scouts. All current connections between unregistered adults and Scouts, with the exception of Parent/Guardian to their own Scout, have been changed. Parents/Guardians will continue to have non-revocable Full Control connections to their Scouts.

@Stephen_Hornak Is that a default status? Not all of our unregistered adults have this permission. I tried removing view options from the parent role (not their own scout) and after updating the permissions were still there. I lean towards not giving this permission to all parents.

@DavidKlein1 - I can not answer that question but would ask why you are hesitant to gran the view rights to parents in the unit ?

To be honest, I’m not sure other than I don’t think they had it before.

@DavidKlein1 - to be certain, when they have view profile/advancement they are not getting that much info. It does however make it easier for that parent who is co-ordinating a fundraiser for instance to communicate via email in scoutbook with all other parents. The view does not allow them to change anything.

Parent by default have Full Control and that cannot change - that is what BSA has decided.

This is a bug that has been reported to the developers. Connection Manager is forcing non-registered adults to View Profile and View Advancement if their name or a cell is selected. This has been reported to the developers.

Typically it is not an issue to allow parents to have View Profile and View Advancement. They cannot change anything and except for the Scout’s last name, do not see any personal information.

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@DavidKlein1 In order to use Scoutbook’s messaging system to communicate with other Scouts and parents in the unit, parents need to be connected to other Scouts with View Profile (minimum).

Troop Admins (unit Admins) are the only adult leaders in the unit who get automatically connected to new Scouts. If you want your Advancement Chair to be automatically connected to new Scouts, then I would recommend making your Advancement Chair a Troop Admin.

I would also recommend going to my.scouting and using the Organization Security Manager to designate your Unit Advancement Chair in one of these functional roles: Key 3 Delegate (K3D) or Unit Advancement Chair (UAC). K3D or UAC will be able to access Internet Advancement and add / approve activity logs there. UAC has fewer permissions than K3D.

(Please note that functional roles such as K3D and UAC expire at the end of each charter year and need to be re-designated.)

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Any ETA for when this big might be fixed?

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