Connections Manager has altered access levels for leaders and Parents

While using Scoutbook today, I lost edit access while switching between scouts to update and purchase advancement. We went into connections manager and it showed I no longer had “full access”. I am the Advancement Coordinator and should have full access as should our Scoutmaster and Committee chair but all our access had been changed to view only and parents all of the sudden had full access. There appears to be something dreadfully wrong, either a bug or bad update. Seems to be no reason for this change. Do you know of any patches or fixes? Thanks.

I’m a little confused by your post. A screen shot (anonymizing names) might help better explain what you’re seeing.

Although SM and CC default to being Unit Admins with Full Control, I don’t know that it’s irrevocable. It seems like it should be, but maybe it can be revoked until the next sync cycle with the official roster database. When you look at your positions in My Dashboard → Administration → My Units → Troop #### → Roster → Your Name, what shows up in Current Positions and Roles?

When you say parents have full access, are you talking about Full Control for their own scouts, or Full Control for other people’s scouts? Parents are mandated to have Full Control to their own scouts by BSA, and have been for a while. I would be kinda surprised if that just occurred in your unit. I would have expected that to happen years ago when it hit all of the rest of us.

When I view my position and roles, it says Troop Admin, Asst. ScoutMaster, Committee Member. However, when I go to Connections Mgr, it shows hollow circles all the way across our troop members and it used to have full green dots showing Full Control.

Your comment about partents having full control over their own scouts is concerning. It was never listed that way before in our troop until today. This means they can go in and update and approve merit badges, advancement and even check off for it to be purchased and awarded.

thanks for quick reply.


That’s not actually correct. Parent Full Control does not match Leader Full Control exactly. They can mark things Complete, but not Leader Approved or Awarded (unless they are also connected as a leader) . Parents don’t have access to reports, either.

More on that here: Why Do Parents Have Full Control? - Scoutbook Knowledge Base and here: Granting Roles and Permissions in Scoutbook (SB) - Scoutbook Knowledge Base

Not sure what happened, but try restoring your Unit Admin role by going to:

My Dashboard → Administration → My Units → Troop #### → Roster → Your Name

selecting the Unit Admin role, uncheck then recheck the Position Approved box, then press the big res button to save it. The fix is path specific, so you can’t just go to My Dashboard → My Positions, since it definitely won’t work that way. This might not fix things, either, but it seems like it should at least restore your admin access.


@StephenBurr - I would also check in to see what your functional roles are.


Thank you very much. That fixed it. I went in and did it for others and it fixed them as well. thanks for information regarding parents, that makes sense. Thanks again for your quick help.

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I am having the same problem as above.

Did you try the solution suggested above?

@JeanneLehmkuhl - I suggest following what has been outlined by others in the posts above yours. Scrolling up is your friend here.

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