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Cannot update connections for Adult

I have an Advancement Coordinator / Asst Scoutmaster who was given full access to all Scouts in the troop, but somehow for one Scout this resulted in only View Profile privileges. When clicking on the cell, the “finger” cursor appears, but nothing happens. When clicking on the adult’s name, the pop-up has all options grayed out.
This cannot be fixed when signed on as Scoutmaster or Key 3 delegate roles.

is he also an MBC for the Scout? Was he an MBC first? - And I erased screenshot as it had names


Go to the Scout’s My Connections page, click on the adult leader’s name. Make sure the Adult Leader check box is checked. After it is on, you should be able to modify the connection.

He was not originally a merit badge counselor, but had been. I went to the Scout’s page, and removed the Merit Badge Counselor connection (though kept the Adult Leader connection), but this did not change anything.

There are other adult leaders on this page who have been given full permission and whose permission pop up is all grayed out with full permissions indicated. Others with full permission, whose pop up is grayed, but with no permissions indicated, but can be selected. Both initially show solid green dots for all Scouts.

Restoring the screenshot with names blurred, the row in question has been highlighted in blue.

On the Scout’s My Connections page, the adult leader check box is both checked, and grayed out (and cannot be altered). This scout is not the leader’s child.

I have since restored this adult’s connection as merit badge counselor as that is ongoing as he is currently working with this Scout.

Generally, grayed-out Full Control indicates a connection that is automatically assigned mandatory Full Control (Unit Admin, parent). I think that Key 3, although automatically granted Full Control are not mandated Full Control, but I could be wrong about this. Our Key 3 are also Admins, so I can’t easily tell.

I might start by reapproving the scout’s membership in the unit just to see if that resets the connections properly. If that doesn’t help, try reapproving the adult leader’s role in the unit to make sure that is correct. I still don’t understand why this seems to happen, but it seems like memberships and roles “glitch” occasionally, and although they look correct, on the front end something on the back end is incorrect.

Bizzare. This adult is a troop admin. By simply going to his roles page, selecting the troop admin role, and clicking the update without making any changes, he now has full access for the Scout.

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Yeah, it glitches for me periodically. Not sure what’s going on behind the scenes, but the UI isn’t catching whatever it is.

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