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I am registered as a merit badge counselor. I joined troop commitee in late October. Finally got added to the troop roster about a week ago, but did not have ability to view scouts besides my own son. I thought perhaps that woild happen in a future sync. Logged in today and all merit badge functions are gone, and all my connections were deleted execpt my son, nephew and one other random scout. I had 50+ active connections with ongoing merit badges. Now instead of adding connections to scouts in my home unit, all connections except those 3 are gone.

@SherryValencik Looks like your council or district let the MBC expire it’s registration - you need to contact them

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In addition to @DonovanMcNeil’s comments above,

Committee members do not (by default) get granted connections to scouts in the unit. They can be granted connections by:

  • being connected by a unit admin (e.g. using Connections Manager) which only grants connections to scouts who are active as of the time that the connections are made.
  • having the Unit Admin functional role added by a Unit Admin in Scoutbook (automatic Full Control of all current and future scouts), or
  • being added as a Key 3 Delegate (functional role) by one of the Unit Key 3 at my.scouting (automatic Full Control of all current and future scouts).

This is separate from the MBC issues you and Donovan discussed above.

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Thanks Charley. That info is helpful.

Thanks Donovan. It is odd and random. I know i was renewed in November. Counseled at Merit badge college a few weeks ago, and was asked to counsel at our community day event in September. Im thinking someone made a mistake somehow.

Almost forgot. If council fixes and removes the merit badge counselor refistration, will the 5p+ connections i hadvin place come back? I was working with a lot of out of council scouts. I would be a real undertaking to add all those connections back individually.

Once a connection is removed, it’s gone.

One suggestion is to retain the BSA IDs and last name of the scouts for each MB. With that info, I believe you can use the Feature Assistant Extension to re-make the connections reasonably quickly.

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