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I am the Committee Chair/Troop Admin for my Troop. Therefore I should be connected to all scouts in my unit. After recharter I was connected to every scout. By summer camp this year I was no longer connected to nearly half the scouts in the Troop. Right before Summer Camp we had a new Scout join. After he showed up on my unit’s roster, I was connected to him and was able to input everything he had completed at Summer Camp (6/22/19) I went in today (7/1/19) to make minor updates and I was no longer connected to the Scout. Why do the connections just randomly disconnect?


I am experiencing this same issue.

@HenryGilson & @MelissaPendill - could you post some screen shots with names blocked out. Is there anything of note on the audit logs ?

Where do I find the audit logs?

@MelissaPendill - on the troop page then reports and it will be at the bottom of the list

I do not know what would be causing your connections to change, but you can quickly reset your Admin connection to all Scouts in the unit by following these steps:

  1. Go to the Troop Roster page.
  2. Click on your name.
  3. Click on your Troop Admin role.
  4. Click Update.
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Looking at the log doesn’t show much. For the last scout in question, it shows Position Started (with the Troop on 6/26. Then on 6/27 Position Ended (With the Troop) which coincides with the Position Started (with his assigned Patrol) There is no other log entry for this Scout other than Advancement and Calendar Attendance. I had a connection with the Scout at that time (since I was the one who input all his advancement and assigned him to his patrol). Then on 7/1 I notice the connect was no longer in place. Both the Scoutmaster and I (Committee Chair) had to request to be connected to this Scout. An Assistant Scoutmaster with Delegated Authority was the one who had to approve the connection. On a side note, entries on the audit logs are not capturing the Leader’s name showing who completed the actions.

That may work and I will have to try it next time I get disconnected from a Scout, but I shouldn’t have to do this multiple times a year…

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@HenryGilson - how is this move process being done ? Is it perhaps something within the scout membership, such as it having an end date ? That is why the screen shots may provide insight. Generally when a membership ends the scout is still connected but you would have to go to your personal profile page then connections to see them.

When the Scout was loaded against our unit, he came in as being a Scout not assigned to a Patrol. I assigned him to a patrol. With that, the system generated those three event logs.

Henry, how did you assign the Scout to a patrol? From the patrol page using the “Reassign Scout(s)” button? Or from the Scout’s Membership page?

This worked for me… thanks!

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This should be a ready reference:

I had several changes that had to be done manually. When I reassigned Scouts to a different patrol, the designated leader did not have full control (in fact, had no permissions). On my Key 3, the CC and the IR both lost most of their control to most of the boys. Could not figure out if that was due to the move or another issue.

I would expect that moving a boy to a new patrol would assign a connection between the boy and the adult. It does not. I would expect NOTHING to change the Key 3 having full control on every boy. It seemed to have happened.

I would call this a serious bug.

I looked at the logs and found no one other than me touched the connections. Also found no “strange” errors.

@RussellSmith - how was the reassignment done for the scouts ?

Created the new patrols, then went to each new patrol and used
the reassign on the new patrol to assign boys from the old patrol

  On a different subject, is there a way to delete the old

patrols??? Or will that hurt future functions for some reason.

  Finally, I just noticed that for the old patrols, the time for

the patrol leaders, scribes, etc never made it on their leadership
record.?? They were approved patrols at the time, but I have marked
them unapproved so people don’t try to reassign to them.

Russ Smith


Are you a unit admin or patrol admin? I am trying to reproduce your issue so we can have the developers look into it.


Here are the listed permissions I have on my page.??

    Troop Admin, Troop Admin, Key 3 Delegate,

Key 3 Delegate, Committee Member, Unit Advancement Chair, Unit
Training Chair

  I know that the Key 3 Delegate and Troop Admin disappeared once

and were re-added by the CC.?? They do have different start dates.??
If having my profile would help, send me a private message and I
will send back a screenshot.??

  I now wish I had taken photos of the charts along the way.?? It

seems to me to be not a?? unique problem, though, based on what I
read in the forum.

Russ Smith

Does your committee chair still have an active unit admin role under his/her positions? Is it approved (green shield)?


The answer is yes if you don’t get the graphic above.

Russ Smith